Yorco Laminar Flow Wall Module YSI-187 Improved Version Model

Yorco offers a comprehensive range of high performance Laminar Flow Clean Air Modules, combining aesthetic appeal with functional utility and efficiency. These self standing modules provide Clean Air horizontally to specific work areas/ closed rooms for upgrading general room cleanliness level. These can also be positioned behind/ over heavy equipment. Suitable for Pharmaceutical Industries, O/T, Nursing Homes, Research Labs etc. These can be placed side to side to provide wall to wall horizontal flow of Clean Air.

These provide class 100 filter air as per US Fed STD 209E, using HEPA Filters of 99.97% efficiency down to 0.3 microns.

Blower Motor Assembly :
Duly balanced, direct drive motor blower units sized to provide adequate air flow volume over the entire surface of HEPA filter. Fitted with reputed make motor and operates with minimum Noise Level lower than 65 db on 'A' scale and Vibration less than 2.5 m rms.

Power Requirement : 230 V. 1 Phase, 50 Hz, Ac Supply.

Construction Options : Full body made of S.S. 304/316


Product Features

Yorco Laminar Flow Wall Module YSI-187

Model WL–32 WL–42 WL–62 WL–34 WL–36
Hepa Filter Area 3’x2' 4’x2' 6’x2' 3’x4' 3’x6'
Size of HEPA filter 3’x2’x3" 4’x2’x3" 3’x2’x3" 3’x2’x3" 3’x2’x3"
No. of Hepa Filer 1 1 2 2 2
No. of Pre Filter 1 1 2 2 2

YSI 187 with Optional Accessories


Optional/Spare Accessories

SS table, S.S. Sink, Hot-Cold Mixer taps, lighting system, swievel-magnefier, 2 Nos. metric rulers. 2 Nos shelves, storage drawer above the work table, storage compartment under the table with sliding doors, Towel ring, Tissue paper holder, and waste bin. The working area sides are made of dark acrylic

  • Static Pressure Manometer
  • Built in U.V.Germicidal Light
  • Lightning System
  • Stand
  • Castor wheels on stand
  • PVC curtain on stand.


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