YORCO Block Cabinet Overview

Yorco Block Cabinets are specifically designed for long term tamper free and safe storage of Paraffin Embedded blocks which are prepared after precise processing. Your blocks will never be exposed to Fungus/Termites etc. which always develop in wood-sunmica constructed block cabinets.

Yorco Block Cabinets cannot be unauthorizedly opened as a double side Top and bottom Bolt Lock with a Unique Number Key is provided. The Block Cabinets are extremely Scratch Resistant and Rust Proof as these are powder coated after 7 tank phosphating process. Even with repeated movement of trays there will be no wear and tear. These are very stable and can be installed side by side with perfect matching as all manufacturing is done on CNC machines.

Yorco Block Cabinet Model YSI-164

Yorco Block Cabinet Model YSI-164 is most convenient and useful for long term storage of Residual blocks in the safest manner. These are provided with pull out drawers having 4 to 8 compartments with capacity of 125 blocks approximately. Index card holder is provided on each Drawer.

These are fabricated on CNC machine out of heavy CRCA sheets powder coated and are completely fungus and termite proof.

These have double side top and bottom Bolt Locks with unique key number.

These are available in following capacities :–

  • 2000 blocks
  • 5000 blocks
  • 10000 blocks
  • 20000 blocks

Yorco Block Cabinet Model YSI-165

This is the most suited Block Cabinet preferred by users. This is best designed for long term storage of Paraffin Embedded Blocks with Embedding Rings/Disposable Cassettes.

This has low profile pull out trays specially designed to keep the blocks in straight rows one after the other for quick and easy storage and removal. Each tray is provided with an index card holder.

Construction is similar as of YSI-164. These are fabricated on CNC machines with heavy CRCA sheets, first phosphated for rust proofing and then electrostatic epoxy powder coated for total scratch free internal and external surfaces.

These are fully tamper proof and are provided with double sides top and bottom Bolt Locks operated with a single handle and with a Unique Key Number. These are very stable and can be easily stacked side by side.

Available in following capacities :–

  • 2000 blocks/16 Trays
  • 5000 blocks/40 Trays
  • 10000 blocks/52 Trays
  • 20000 blocks/108 Trays

Yorco Silde Rack Model YSI-166

Yorco Slide Rack are made of heavy Anodized Aluminum. These Trays are Die pressed for accuracy. These are used to keep slides in vertical position before and after mounting.

Yorco Slide Carrying Tray Model YSI-167

These are made of heavy Anodized Aluminum on CNC machines for very good accuracy and can carry 20 numbers of Micro-Slides of size 75 mm x 25 mm in flat position.



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