Yorco Automatic Slide Staining Machine
"12 Stations"

The manual slide staining procedure occupies a considerable amount of technician's time. To especially the procedure 'Yorco slide Staining Machine ' was designed on modish principles for carrying out practically all Slide Staining techniques of Histology & Cytology. Yorco Slide Staining machine -"12 Stations", is solid and rough products developed on the present technology for automatic staining of slides in various substances as per pre-programmed chronological user-selectable cycles. Throughout the process, the slides are shaken ( Capacity 16 Slides). The last through i.e 12th Station is provided with an inlet and outlet to enable washing of the residual chemicals.


Product Features

Yorco Tissue Processing Unit :

The particle is supplied complete with 11 Glass Staining throughs one trough with outlet and inlet, Five Timing Discs 1 Slide carrier for chronological programming calibrated for 1 hour and one notch cutting plier. Appropriate for work on 220V, single-phase,50Hz, Ac supply.

Specs in Addition to YSI-105:

  • Number of Stations:12
  • Programmable basket Hold Time for each stage.
  • Capacity 16 slides.

YSI 106 with Wax Bath safety control

Wax Bath safety control:

Automatic Wax Bath basically designed for PT 100 sensor and PID control. It signal’s the machine in stage nine, prior to immersion in wax and if wax is melted it automatically takes change from stage nine to 10 and so on, but if wax is not melted due to any cause, then machine signals “wax not melted “when wax is melted /wax temperature is obtained then only the tissue basket is permitted to rotate or immerse in the wax bath. Thus 100% safety of valuable tissues.


Supplied Complete With :

S.S. Tissue Capsule

2 No.

S.S. Beakers without lip

10 Nos.

Basket Rotators

2 Nos.

S.S. Wax baths

2 Nos.


1 , 2 liter

Optional / Spare Accessories :

  • Basket Rotor which rotates the tissue basket slowly.
  • Tissue capsule Basket of S.S. with even perforation.
  • Tissue Capsule S.S. 28*28*9mm with sliding cover.
  • Tissue Capsule S.S. 20*20*10mm with sliding cover.


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