Yorco Operation Theater Canopy YSI-192
Improved Version Model

YORCO O.T. CANOPY is an extremely useful equipment for Operation Theaters. This provides an envelope of Clean Air on and around the Operating Table, Surgical Instruments, & Anesthesia Equipment.

This air envelope is of Ultra Clean Air, filtered of all Airborne Particulate Contamination present in the Operation Theatre. The quality of air at HEPA Filter face meets or exceed US Fed Std 209E

YORCO O.T. CANOPY also constantly re-circulates the entire Operation Theatre air, resulting in an upgraded O.T., in addition to coverage of the OT Table and surroundings with prime filtered air

O.T. Canopies have become standard installations in all Corporate Hospital Operation Theatre Major & Minor Operation Theatres, & give a host of Advantages as listed.

Retro-Fitting for up-gradation is possible in existing Hospitals/Nursing Homes of long standing whose Operation Theatres were constructed before the advent of this technology. Flush Ceiling Mounting is possible in new constructions.


Yorco Operation Theater Canopy YSI-192

Advantages :

  • Greatly reduces chance of Air borne contamination affecting the open wound during surgery.
  • Considerably Increases Success Rates affected by air borne micro-organic infection, present in huge quantities even with normal Air Conditioning.
  • Faster post operative recovery.
  • Early Room/bed availability for next patient’s procedure, due to timely discharge of first patient.
  • More patient & surgeon confidence due to latest upto date OT infrastructure.
  • Up-gradation of Hospital Status, resulting in increased referrals & procedures.
  • Low running cost
  • Long filter life due to recirculation.

Features :

FILTRATION is Double-Stage, through:
i) Pre-Filters of 10 micron rating to trap all coarse particulates,
ii) HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) Filters of 99.97% efficiency at 0.3 microns to trap all Bacteria/Micro-organic/Germicidal contamination. The (HEPA) Filters are DOP Tested and certified.

The HEPA Fiter coverage area is 2900×1950mm which effectively envelopes the OT Table & the surrounding areas. However, due to slight diverging effect as the Filtered Air travels down wards, the actual coverage is even more.

Acrylic Skirting of thick clear acrylic surrounds the HEPA Filters to direct Filtered Air over OT Table

YSI 192 with Special Canopy Features

Yorco Operation Theater Canopy YSI-192

Lighting :
Peripheral Flourescent Lighting (with Electronic Chokes) is provided all around to provide good ambient lighting when the OT Surgical Light is switched off.

2 Air Speeds :
Hi for initial Purging, Normal for Procedure.

Low-Noise :
less than 58 dbA at ear level

Construction Options :
Laminated Board / Powder Coated Mild Steel / S.Steel 304

Optional Features :
lUV Lighting Array of UV-C, 254 nm Germicidal action, with Timer Control is available , which can be switched on prior to or in between the day’s procedures
Ozone Lamps with Timer Control for sterilization prior to or in between the day’s procedures.


Yorco Operation Theater Canopy YSI-192

Remote Control :
A Remote Infra-Red On-Off Control is available.
Electronic Filter Choke Alarm with Audio-Visual Indication.
Time Counter Displays cumulative Run Time.

Size :
Filter Coverage Area - 2900 x 1950mm

External Dimension:
3900 x 2100mm

(a) Whole cabinet is made of cold rolled steel sheet duly powder coated inside & outside for longer life & durability
(b) Made of S.S. 304 Grade
(c) Installation Charges at site charged extra (if required)


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