Yorco Ultra Low Temprature Research Cabinet YSI-273 EX

YORCO DEEP FREEZER -860C is suitably designed for Blood Banks, Hospitals sanitation and anti epidemics station, Electronic Industry, Universities laboratories, Military Industries, Pelagic fishery Companies.

Temperature Range :- Temperature of -860C is tropicalized to operate under ambient conditions of +300C.

Control System :- Fully automatic Microprocessor based controls, digital display of temperature.

Construction :- Double door. Inner chamber is made of stainless steel/Powder coated PVC and is 150mm extra thick insulated with high density expanded polyurethane (PUF) insulation for minimum temperature loss. Outer M.S. sheet body pre-treated & duly powder coated. Castor wheels provided for easy mobility. Fitted with shelves for efficient stocking and temperature recording graph and alarm system (both audio and visual). Environment friendly CFC and HCFC free refrigerant. Puff insulated.

Power Supply :- Suitable to operate on 220/240 Volts, 50 - 60 Hz, AC power supply.


Product Features

Salient Features

  • Double door
  • Operating functions on a control panel with digital display.
  • Fully Automatic Microprocessor based control system platinum resistance sensors.
  • Perfect audible & Visual alarm system (High or Low temp. alarm, no battery alarm, door ajar alarm, Filter Blocking alarm, System failure alarm to ensure the safety of stored articles.
  • Key board lock & Password Protected configuration ranges.
  • The safety lock can prevent random opening
  • Adjustable shelves are convenient to place articles.
  • Separated inner and outer doors prevent cold air leakage & promote excellent heat insulation.

YSI 272 with Capacities :-

Capacity :

  • 3.28 Cu.ft. 95 lit
  • 6.1 Cu ft 171 lit
  • 10.0 Cu ft 265 lit.
  • 15.0 Cu ft 400 lit.

Ultra Low Temprature Research Cabinet :

Aesthetically designed, compact, elegant chest/upright model, ideally Suited for Laboratories, Research and biological and industrial applications such as low temp. Scientific experiment, preservation of Red Blood Cell, White Blood Cell, Skin, Bone, Bacteria, Semen, biomedical Products. Ocean Products, Electronic Devices and low temperature testing of special materials etc. Ergonomically designed compact, elegant Ultra low temperature deep freezers chest model having heavy duty cascade type air cooled refrigeration system and hermetically sealed compressors with very low noise level and electrical circuit easily serviceable.


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