Yorco Medical Refrigerator YSI-580

The Medical Refrigerator is a specialized refrigerating equipment for cold storage of pharmaceuticals, as well as biological products and so forth. it is suitable for hospitals, drugstore, pharmaceutical Industry, Blood Banks, Sanitary, Anti-epidemic station and clinics.

Construction :- Exterior made from high quality structural steel sheet, painted by advanced coating technology after the anticorrosion treatment of phosphorization, The superficial luster is gentle, Interior made from ABS engineering plastics. Dual-pane, inert gas insulated glass door, equipped with special lock, Four casters are mounted under the bottom. Interior fluorescent lighting provides a clear view of stored items. Shelves made of quality steel wire soaked with plastic provide convenient access to the stored articles and easy cleaning.


Product Features

Salient Features

  • Ergonomic Design and user friendly Controls
  • Microprocessor Control System
  • Unique Cooling System
  • Inert Gas insulation between the double glass doors
  • Automatic and Manual control of inner lighting
  • Adjustable shelves/partition for convenient storage and cleaning

YSI 580 with Precise Temprature Control

Precise Temperature Control :

  • Microprocessor-based temperature control system; combined with two exact sensors and one sensors to defrost. Automatically turn on the compensatory heater based on the temperature change. A stable and accurate chamber temperature can be maintained at ambient temperature ranging from 0ºC to 32ºC.
  • Forced air circulation system with intelligent control ensures excellent temperature uniformity.
  • Automatic temperature control: 3-digit high luminance LED display of temperature with in the adjustable range of 2~10oC. The temperature with controlling precision 10C and temperature displaying precision 0.10C.
  • Perfect alarm systems, which provide numerous audible/visual alarm functions in case of high or low temperature condition, sensor abnormality, door power failure and so forth, to ensure the safety of storage.
  • Capacity
    Inside Temp.
    External Dimensions
  • 260 Ltrs.
    20C ~ 100C
    590 x 603 x 1556
  • 300 Ltrs.
    20C ~ 100C
    590 x 603 x 1728


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