Yorco Automatic Tissue Processor
YSI-104EX (New)
"Electra Model" (Micro Processor Controller Based)

This in principle is very similar to Yorco Automatic Tissue Processor YSI-104 but has 10 Program Memory and also Option of Vacuum Control and Fume Control System.


Product Features

YSI-104EX (New) :

Top tissue processor is obtainable in 4 configurations: the basic instrument, with vacuum, with fume control system and both vacuum and fume control. With a capacity of up to 200 cassettes, its offers maximum safety for tissues, even if there is a power cut. It is easy to operate with an easy-to-read 5.6” touchscreen LCD and easy to operate intuitive user interface arranged in functional groups.

Specs in Addition to YSI-104:

  • Number of programs :10
  • Programmable basket Hold Time for every stage.
  • 5.6 “Touchscreen Display.

YSI 104 EX with Wax Bath safety control

Wax Bath safety control:

Automatic wax Bath designed for PT 100 sensor and PID control. It signal’s the machine in stage 9, prior to immersion in wax and if wax is melted it inevitably takes change from stage 9 to 10 and so on, but if wax is not melted due to any cause, then machine signals “wax not melted or temperature is not proper “when wax is melted /wax temperature is managed then only the tissue basket is permitted to immerse in the wax bath. Thus 100% safety of valuable tissues.


Supplied Complete With :

S.S. Tissue Capsule

2 No.

S.S. Beakers without lip

10 No.

Basket Rotators

2 Nos.

S.S. Wax baths

2 Nos.


1 , 2 liter

Optional / Spare Accessories :

  • Basket Rotor which rotates the tissue basket slowly.
  • Tissue capsule Basket of S.S. with even perforation.
  • Tissue Capsule S.S. 28*28*9mm with sliding cover.
  • Tissue Capsule S.S. 20*20*10mm with sliding cover.
  • Divider for tissue capsule ‘S’ shape.
  • Divider for tissue capsule ’V’ shape.
  • Beaker without lip.


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