Yorco Automatic Linear Slide Staining Machine for Haemotology
"Salient Features" Upto 240 Slide Per Hour

Compact and Ergonomic Design- occupies little space in the laboratory. Hurdle-free to operate with integrated touch screen, Flexibility for various staining techniques. Multiple staining procedures like weight, May – Grunewald – Giemsa, Malaria, field, Reticulocyte stain could be pre-stored and are thereafter accessible by the click of a button The Steiner is quick and simple to operate and takes up little space. With a size of 38*28cm (15”*11”), it is one of the smallest devices of its kind.

Ideal for staining technique requiring no more than four reagents that is: weight May – Grunewald – Giemsa, Malaria, field, Reticulocyte stain. The package includes slide holders for 76*22 standard slides. There are two racks for 8 or 16 slides for 76*22 standard slides. The complete holder may be detached for loading the slides outside the Steiner.


Product Features

The Steiner comes with a drip :

The Steiner comes with a drip tray easily detachable for cleaning.it holds a set four troughs with capacities for 8 or 16 slides. The Steiner protocol includes permanent immersion times in minutes, seconds or short dips can also be defined. The process runs automatically at the click of a program button. But maybe interrupted or modified by the user at any time. A control program checks the strainer’s functioning every time it is switched on. It also controls the automatic program flow. One backlit colored touch screen display and three colored indicators inform the user of the status of both the device and the program. The picture shows the 8 position slide holders and the small vessels with a volume of 160 ml.


Specs in Addition to YSI-108:

  • The slide carrier is easily detached for loading outside the Steiner.it can be exchanged for the 16 Position carrier.
  • A Yorco staining machine can be easily changed into a 16 position staining machine.
  • The easy –to- read, lighted colored touch screen display shows the status of the program.
  • It gives the immersion period the remaining time or the number of one-second dips for every staining station.

YSI 108 with Wax Bath safety control

Wax Bath safety control:

The water-resistant control panel with an integrated colored graphical touch screen permits a quick change of the process parameters. The staining routine can be interrupted at any time or stopped completely. The three LED’S inform you at a glance whether the Steiner is ready, busy, or an error has occurred. Next to the control panel a brief guide for the few necessary operations is provided.

Immersion Time: (For each position in)

  • Minute
  • Second or
  • Dips of 1 second

Supplied Complete With :

S.S. Tissue Capsule

2 No.

S.S. Beakers without lip

10 Nos.

Basket Rotators

2 Nos.

S.S. Wax baths

2 Nos.


1 , 2 liter

Optional / Spare Accessories :

  • Slide holder for 8 slides
  • Staining through for 8 slides (160ml)
  • Drip tray for 16 slides.


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